Sam Sells the Shore is a catchy alliteration, but it is also the truth. Sam has listed and sold properties throughout Long Beach Island and the surrounding area. Sam strives to be professional in all she does; whether that is how she markets a property or how she interacts with clients and fellow Realtors.

Bridging the Barnegat Bay®bridge 1

“The Shore” as many call it, is a magical place. Whether you have only visited The Shore once or lived here your whole life, you know it is completely different from anywhere else you have ever been.

“At the beach, life is different.
A day moves not from hour to hour,
but leaps from mood to moment.
We go with the currents,
plan around the tides,
follow the sun.”- Sandy Gingras

 I have found my piece of paradise, let me help you find yours.

I have many great programs to offer you whether you are looking to buy or sell; on Long Beach Island or The Mainland. For buyers there are two programs specifically designed for you: The Early Buyer’s Alert and Drive By List. Those of you thinking of selling, there is the Online Market Evaluation and Neighborhood Tracker. Everyone can benefit from the biannual MarkeTrends Newletters. These are tried and true programs that have had much success educating both buyers and sellers throughout the years. I hope you take advantage of them as well and allow me to help you in the purchase or sale of your home.