Rental Homeowners

Similarly to selling a home; renting a home was not difficult in 2020 through 2022, but the summer of 2023 brought us back to reality. However, Sand Dollar is ahead in inquiries for the 2023 summer rental season. Many prospective tenants we have spoken with are thinking about other vacation options; trips to Europe, a cruise, Disney or an all inclusive in the Caribbean. Sand Dollar saw this coming after last summer and in preparation we started beefing up our rental marketing programs last Fall and introduced our Golden Sand Dollar program to make sure we can capture a larger portion  of the LBI summer rental market. And it’s paying off!

Sand Dollar offers over 35 years of rental experience: 

~‘Personal Interviews’ to be sure your home and guest are a good match. No automatic bookings.

~FREE Digital pictures of your property, uploaded to various internet sites.

~FREE loaded ‘Goody BEACH Bag’ for your guests. Our gift to you and your guest! 

~FREE Rental Review to be sure your property is receiving it’s max in income along with suggestions of how to boost your bookings & bottom line.

~FREE listing on VRLBI for qualifying properties. We do all the work for you.

~Our Golden Sand Dollar Rental Program with directed marketing & services for our higher tier properties; including a FREE listing on the Global rental site.

Learn more on Sand Dollar’s main site.

I have personally been doing rentals for over 10 years and have written almost $3M in gross leases. The last thing I ever want is to place a ‘bad tenant’ in your home; you will be mad at me, the tenant will be mad at me, I will be mad at myself for creating the predicament… Rentals at the end of the day are for cultivating relationships. Landlords may become sellers; or have friends/family that want to buy or sell. Tenants may be ‘test driving LBI’ and will want to buy a house, or again, have friends/family that want to buy. My role as an agent is keep everyone as happy as I can and help them in any way that I can and I hope you will let me help you rent your home.